Private driver for the calanque d'En-Vau Marseille and Sugiton Luminy

Indeed the private driver is at your disposal for your trips on the Calanque d'En-Vau et Sugiton to Luminy à Marseille. So your trip by private driver is much easier by reservation, a guarantee of quality and professionalism. Indeed, the taking of information and estimate is free in order to accompany you as well as possible on your project of visit of the Marseille calanque. In addition, and for the sake of peace of mind, payment by credit card is available in the car. 

Calanque d'En-Vau with your private driver

Due to the virus your car private driver is equipped with an anti-postilion protection glass. In order to protect the passengers and the driver from the Covid-19. In addition, water bottles, phone chargers and WIFI are also available to our customers. 

Indeed the Calanque d'En-Vau in Marseille is a must-see in the city. It is located in the southern districts of Marseille on the edge of Cassis, to access it there are two ways either on foot by a path or by boat. In addition you will find an incredible landscape and a small pebble beach. High cliffs surround the beach which is a privileged place for rock climbing. Therefore the walk takes about an hour to get to the beach. Here is the official site of the calanques of Marseille HERE

Chauffeur VTC Calanque de Sugiton Marseille Luminy

Calanque Sugiton Luminy Marseille

Your private driver private in Marseille will know how to guide you to the district of Luminy to access the calanque de Sugiton. Thus the calanque is located near the University of Luminy. Therefore access is on foot using a marked path, it takes about an hour of walking. Thus the cliffs are frequented by fans of climbing. A small beach with crystal clear water will be the reward for this hour of walking and effort. In conclusion, the reservation is made here via the reservation form or the booking module. In addition, payment is made directly in the car in cash or by credit card via a SumUp bank box.

Private driver in Marseille

Indeed, travel by reservation with a VTC is a simple and efficient way to get to your destination.

From the cove to the boat

Under these conditions, a trip with a VTC in the creeks or for your boat simplifies life.

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