The VTC driver helps you transport your luggage. The trunk of the car can hold two large suitcases and one small.

Payment inside the vehicle by bank card or cash. The price is established in advance and is final.

A selection of professional and punctual Marseille VTC driver to assist you in your journey.

Your private cruise ship driver Marseille

Costa Cruise Ship and MSC with Driver

Private driver for cruise ship in Marseille.

Indeed Marseille is part of an important stopover in the tour of the Mediterranean. In addition, the cruise port is located on the coastal path, gate 4 on the A55 motorway. Besides, the view from the boat is impressive from the highway but once you get to the bottom, you will be impressed by the size of this sea monster.

Private driver reservation Marseille cruise

Therefore for a quote, information or booking it is easy to contact us by mail or by SMS to 0626304536. So we are available for information every day. Then the price is firm and final, no supplement will be requested from customers for luggage, traffic jams or other ......

Driver welcome VTC cruise boat

Indeed the private driver will be present at the exit of cruise ship at the reception of your luggage. Besides, your last name will be written on a digital tablet. Therefore we will help you carry your luggage to the car.

Service aboard the Marseille vehicle

Not only is the car a spacious sedan, you will find there for your comfort:

  • Water bottles
  • Candy
  • Newspapers
  • Iphone or Samsung chargers

In short, the trunk capacity is 2 large suitcases as well as 2 extra suitcases. In addition, the driver will be discreet and helpful, he will go directly to your place of destination by taking the fastest route. Afterwards, his knowledge of the road and his experience of the trade will make the difference.

Overall the Corona virus implies that the vehicle is disinfected after each race. Consequently, the car is fitted with an anti-postilion protective glass.

Thus the windows are opened as much as possible in order to ventilate the vehicle as much as possible. In addition, the driver wears a surgical mask when the windows are closed on motorways or expressways.

Private VTC race payment

Indeed the race is paid only at the end once the service is completed in the car by credit card or cash. In addition, an invoice by SMS or Email is possible according to your choice.

Costa website

MSC website

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Marseille cruise ship
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From the boat to the station
So the driver accompanies you in your trip.
Marseille reservation
Indeed the reservation is a means of peace of mind for your race.
From the boat to the airport
Therefore your VTC brings you professionalism and relaxation.